Mentoring, Supporting, Evaluating

Livable Wage Jobs is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) focused on connecting all with livable wage interesting work. We consider Life’s Work to be jobs, contributions to communities, passion projects, and sharing across generations. We think big and implement small, going deep rather than going for media profile. We work from the edge in; with learners who are challenged to complete and compete with traditional methods and societal expectations (assumptions).

We serve marginal populations through project evaluations, contributions to research, and volunteer efforts. We evaluate programs primarily through participatory inquiry. We appreciate and offer insights through quantitive data analysis and we participate in qualitative conversations with stakeholders to add depth and discovery for program opportunities to improve and scale.

We mentor and support education administrators, faculty, and staff across industry sectors to be comfortable and confident with new statewide priorities, industry collaboration, compliance challenges, available technologies, and classroom preparation.

Welding @ Columbus High School